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Author: Silvio Espinosa Jr.
Over 35 years fish keeping
African's On The Hudson
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This site and all AOTH members will use the best forum related to African Cichlids on the net cichlid-forum.com. Please use this site cichlid-forum.com for any info you may have in regards to African Cichlids fish needs. For all general questions and issues.

  AOTH is a proud member of the - NJAS - North Jersey Aquarium Society
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The AOTH is a strong supporter of the North Jersey Aquarium Society (NJAS). The AOTH strongly suggest that you help support NJAS by become a member. Membership application is available online. The NJAS meetings are held at Meadowlands Environmental Center, 1 Dekorte Park Plaza Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071 Phone: 201-460-1700 most of us hook up at these meeting and help support the largest and oldest running aquarium clubs in North America. Since 1953. Most members are hobbyists like yourself into the Africans.

AOTH is a proud member of the - ACA (American Cichlid Association)

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa


The faces of the AOTH - Tri-State Area African Cichlids Club Network

African's On The Hudson - Lake Tanganyika - Lake Malawi - Lake Victoria - Cichlid Species Network

Welcome to The African's On The Hudson. Known as the AOTH Mission Statement to further the African Cichlid aquarium hobby to increase the knowledge of African hobbyists in the behavior, breeding, habits, habitat, and care of all African Tropical Fish. To provide forums to exchange ideas: and To encourage the conservation of endangered species and habitats. AOTH welcomes all hobbyists regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or religion.

What is the AOTH? We are a Non-Profit Organization and Website / Network of local hobbyists, breeders and local pet store owners even an online African breeders to Network into African Cichlids. We are a bunch of guys a girls into breeding and keeping African Cichlids located in the metro NJ NY metro area breeding and keeping all types of fish related to African Cichlid tanks and African reef tanks all types of tank mate keeping related to the Africans Cichlid The AOTH is totally dedicated to Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria Cichlids promoting usage of discussion forums, tank gallery, species profiles, books, videos, articles and much more! Keeping the hobby alive and affordable.

Free Membership! 
AOTH membership is free, always free no money. the frisit fish you buy or trade from friend you meet from the AOTH will save you money time and headaches, for dealing with people who have the same intrestes and cares as yourself. Get to meet with the best people in the world "The Afrikaans Heads" a small breed of people people who dream about there African fish or tanks a lot and care about African Cichlids keeping as hobby, but the AOTH is totally committed to keeping the African Cichlids hobby alive and affordable from beginer to expert.

Join Us!  If you are local hobbyists, breeders and local pet store owners or even an online African breeder interested in joining the AOTH group please send a email to memberships@ph40.com for more information.

AOTH is a voluntary alliance of the members cooperation with local AOTH hobbyists, breeders and local pet stores and online african breeder/dealers.
What do we talk about? what do we do?
Aquarium Photography.
Tank Setup & Equipment.
Aquarium Decorations, Rocks, Plants, Gravel, Sand, Algae.
Fish Health, Illness, Health & Nutrition.
Do-it-yourself projects and New Ideas.
General African Cichlid Discussion about mixing fish.
Frontosa help.
Tropheus help.
Trading, Fish, Equipment, & Books.
Help, Identifying your Cichlids
How to build Fishfarm or fishroom.
Aquaculture consulting and fisheries consulting.
Information Resource for Aquaculture and Fisheries.
Aquaculture technology and other practical information.
A Local NJ NY CT African Cichlid Network.
Wild caught and tank raised Tanganyikan & Malawi cichlids .
African Cichlids with Plecos and cats.
Specializing in rare tanganyikans cichlids.
Specializing in rare Malawian cichlids.
Specializing in rare Victorian cichlids.
All members fish listed that are in stock and/or becoming available.
Synodontis cats.
Lot of photos of our fish in the members galleries.
Help with Importing, Breeding and selling cichlids on the East Coast.
Trouble find fish? Malawian, Tanganyikan and Victorian cichlids.
If you're looking to buy/sell some nice local African Cichlids.
Specializing in those hard to find African fish in the hobby.
Help with Breeder/Dealer of African Cichlids online.
NJ NY CT Tri-State Area African Cichlids Club  Network


Non-Profit Organization


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